Saturday, June 14, 2014

Things That Make me Go Hmmmmmm

Saw a very interesting tree today, huge chunks of the bark seem to fall off as if it were shedding. Brought a couple pieces with me, I have a crafty sort of idea for them. We will see once we return home.

That bit was just interesting to me, the thing that made me say hmmm was something completely different. 

I wonder what it is that makes a person pop up as a potential friend or interest in Google Circles? 

I could see it if we had common friends or posted about similar things. But when it is a person that you know for sure you have no common friends or interests what makes them pop up on your page?

I suspect it is related to the fact that Google Anylics shows my blog has a huge amount of views from the area this person lives in. So if this person is not following me and I am not following them but they are googling my blog and reading it on a regular basis would this cause them to frequently pop up as a potential friend or interest on my suggestions for Google Circles? 
I suspect so and find it entertaining to know that someone who has tried to break up my marriage since before I was married and had bashed me non stop for 8+ years is so obsessed with me and my life that she continues to stalk my husband ( who has her blocked ) by stalking my pages. Maybe if she is busy stalking us than she is leaving some other couple alone. 

It is sad really that she has no life beyond stalking us.