Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Virtual - Cyber -Really Means a Glorified Version

I posted a previous blog about some women who believe they were special to my husband.

Today I am working toward having getting us and our home ready for vacation. For me this means packing, planning and cleaning. I always do a serious cleaning before we go on vacation, because I like coming home to a clean house.

This includes cleaning the garage so my car can go inside while we are away.

Above is the already half cleaned cutting board that my husband left out. Here is the spot where the cutting board was left.
That myfriends is blood from all sorts of rats, bunnies and birds. These types of things are an every day part of being married to a Falconer. 

These phone-cyber sluts that he often called to tell about his day, the great day Jez had and all about his kills only got the glorified version. Reality is blood, guts, poop, feathers and fur. 

To bad he never shared that part of his life with them. I might have welcomed them right in if they were going to shovel shit and clean up blood right next to me.