Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Catch Up Time!

So I have not written anything in a while, I am not avoiding my plethora of issues to be sorted through, it just happens that I have been extremely busy.

Actually, we found a house to buy! It turns out that some friends of ours, who owned rental property and were recently transfered to an out of state location, had a property that had not yet sold. They were in a position to sell quickly and at an amazingly great price and we quickly went from browsing around and thinking about finally buying a house to putting up a new dog kennel, painting and moving. 

It has happened really quickly and I have been very busy. I was sold the moment I walked in and realized there was not a stich of carpet anywhere in the house. 

I hate carpet with a passion! I realize that for a long time my husband often painted a picture of me as being lazy, but as he recently came to me and said " he was looking at what he was doing, and not seeing what he never had to do ". He did not see that it was me, getting the kids off to school or caring for them all day when school is out, paying bills and scrubbing bathrooms.  In 8 years my husband has never cleaned a toilet, cleaned under/behind the washer/dryer/refrigirator/stovetop ect, not to mention the stuff that we take turns or do together, laundry, cooking, mowing or the stuff he normally does but I have to do when he is away. I can count on my fingers the number of times he has scrubbed a stain out of the carpet or used the carpet shampooer. Have I mentioned that I hate carpet? The only purpose for carpet is to harber dirt and make a house feel dirty.  I have spent my entire adult life shampooing every carpet in every house I have lived in, and just when I finally got most of the carpet replaced with wood flooring…we relocated so that my husband could accept a job offer, and the house we rented had carpet every where. I liked the house but hated the carpet. So I was instantly sold on the original wood floors and tile in the kitchen!

After all the standard checks of water lines, electric lines, gas lines, I was still stairing at the floors and mentally sketching out a plan for the much smaller back yard. 

We were granted early access to start building enclosures for my husband's dogs and falconry birds. I took down an old useless shed and my sister and I cut back a bunch of over grown bushes to make room for the animal homes, I am still covered in poision ivy/oak/sumac as a result. Before we finished with the enclosures, we were signing papers and getting keys and buying paint!

My husband's favorite color is yellow, but even so he could not pretend to be fond of the color of the living room. So my little sister, my daughte, her friend and I set out painting. I am terrible at doing the edges and even though we taped and put plastic every where, I am the messiest of painters. 

It did not take long for the teenagers to abandon paint rollers, but I must give my daughter credit, she is really good at taping off the trim and getting the plastic taped perfectly so that most of the floors were protected. Unfortunately, ladder + cheap plastic + messy painter = a lot of cleaning up at the end.

In spite of all the cleaning up the house looks great. My husband did most of the edges and all of the kitchen painting. I did all of the kid's rooms except my daughter painted two of her walls ( solid colors ). I painted the zebra print and details in the kid's rooms. 

( this was unfinished, I put a second coat of the pink/purple and made it all evenly coated unlike the splotchy upper corner in this pic ) 

During this process I managed to print enlargements of some really great shots of the kids in South Padre, and framed them for the hallway. I also managed to bring over and hang our favorite photos. 

We have moved bedroom basic furniture, kitchen basics, living room furniture and a lot of the packed boxes. We have a LOT left to move and none of my stuff has been moved yet, aside from a wine rack and  table that I refinished. But my husband and kids are mostly moved. I honestly don't think I will be bothered to move most of my stuff. We have very little room and as long as I get to bring the furniture that I have refinished ( wine racks, table and kid's dressers ) and the essential gardening stuff the rest can be sold or hauled away really. Even the aquarium that I have held on to for many years is subject to being purged.

There is honestly not a lot that I want to keep from a life that was mostly made of lies and deception, pretty much only the things that I created and I know the reality of. The rest has no meaning really.

In addition to all this work and moving, we managed to get the kids mostly ready for school to start, school clothes, back packs and all the supplies on the lists that the schools put out at Wal-Mart, which turned out to only be part of what they need.

I also managed to order backpacks with their names on them and really cool minecraft decorations for one of the kid's bedrooms. 

And I also managed to make huge progress with getting my sister started in a work program for the disabled. 
I think the socialization will be good for her, she seems bored of staying at home and helping me paint and move. She also seems very shocked that I have no job, maybe because she has never known of me to be unemployed, and certainly not purposely unemployed.

It has been a very busy couple of weeks, I can't wait to get finished and back to weekend bike rides. Hopefully this new house will soon feel like a home!