Friday, September 19, 2014

How the Heck?!?

Inside these three super cute, personalized bags you can find the source of a huge chunk of my stress! 

Why is it that Elementary aged children ( Pre-K through 1st grade ) have so much homework and papers? 5 and 6 year olds should not spend all afternoon doing home work! Not to mention that this is not work that any of them can do on their own. 

Someone has to sit with them and do each and every step and problem with them. 

They all have Multiple book to read each day, they all have individual activities to do with each book. ( we have a cloth book bag with activities and a ziplock bag with a book and questions for two of the kids, one library book that seems to change daiky, and a ziplock bag with a book for the third child ) None of which they can do on their own. They each need and deserve individual time. Then two of them have site words ( flash cards at the moment ). The work actually comes with instructions for the parents. 

On top of this each child seems to bring home half of a tree in papers, notes, i announcements, schedules, book sales ect every day. We are what 6 weeks in so far. I have glued a fair amount of stuff in their life books already and filled a trash bag and a half with a lot of notes abd such.

How the heck I am supposed to remember who has what special on what day ( who can wear sandals versus tennus shoes ) who has snack on what day and who has a special event going on is beyond me. Partly because some if them empty their back packs before they get buckled in the car, and partly because I have mo idea what papers belong to who???

Today was a perfect example of why I should be eating anxiety meds by the handfull! I a stabding at the stove trying to through together some sandwiches for dinner, S ( whos is nearly 16 and God's personal gift to my sanity ) is holding a manilla envelope from one of the kid's backpacks, she is reading the instructions outloud to me

Meanwhile, T, who I am quickly realizing needs to change the time we are giving hin his anxiety meds because about 4:30-5:00 pm he seems to take a sharp emotional nose dive, anyway T is standing practically on top of my feet saying " grandma, grandma, grandma…while you were at the store I accidentally picked my sore that you said not to pick, what is fior dinner, I did my homework, I Accidently picked my sore, I didn't mean too but it was an accident" all the while nervously twitching his fingers and trying to hold on to his game controler and kind of anxiously wiggling.

At the same time L is practically hanging off of  my leg saying " grandma what is for dinner, can we have pickles and a popsicle, can we have a snack, is it bed time yet, T got a band aide can I have a band aide, why does T have a band aide"

At the same time Margaret is just to the side of me inspecting every item that I just brought in for dinner. Maybe because she can't hear so instead of asking she just looks. But the non-stop lack od boundries is doing my head in. 

I can see K standing at the door, game controler in hand watching the chaos. No doubt she came to find out what is for dinner and why did T stop playing his game ( they play together from two seperate consoles ) she looks over whelmed and sad really.

Like me I think my Bug ( K ) misses piece and quiet. After moving here we often spent long days with very little noise, Bug and I would paint, some times S woukd  paint too. They are both tech junkies, S into music and movies and Bug into her mine craft or educational games on the computer and my husband at work off doing his own thing. I miss those days some times.

T talks extremely loud, Margaret is hearing impared so she talks loud and has the TV and music up loud all at once, L talks all the time and there are multiple tv's and video games and everyone talking all at once. I find it all to be too much to often. It is so loud all the time, I simply would like a quiet day!