Friday, September 12, 2014

Twice Impressed

I have the oldest looking hands, my mother's wrinkly old lady hands. People used to notice it when I was in elementary school. I am sure they look even worse because I often forget to use lotion. But my old looking hands are not the subject of my blog today. Several weeks ago my husband made it clear thay he is uncomfortable with me not wearing a wedding ring, but understands why I refuse to wear the ring that we got married with. So in this conversation I suggested an intermittent ring until I am ready to wear a wedding ring, which will never be the ring we were married with.
He said " like a promise ring? I would be good with that" 

So our first rings came in two parts, he bought the bands in the UK, and took me to purchase the engagement ring, he said he wanted me to help pick it out so that I would like it. But that turned into pure craziness. Having spent a lot of time in the military, having grown up doing a lot of manual labor, simply being me, I wanted something small, something that didn't get caught on things, something simple. He wanted a huge flashy " look what he put on my finger " kind of ring. 

Also knowing that we were looking at six months or more before he would be allowed to work, I wanted cheap, yes cheap and simple. 

In the end it didn't really matter considering that the rings were never honored in our marriage.

So in looking for the intermittant ring, I found a lot of inexpensive rings that I liked. We will some day design a set of wedding rings for us, and I am still one to save money when we can.

He bought me this ring  

For the record I love this ring, but it is way to big and bulky. To me it is better suited for a night out or a special occasion. But at a size 5 it firs loose enough that it constantly turns and it gets caught on every thing. 

When he orderd the ring he said " if you don't like it I will buy you a different one, until we find you that you do like"

I do love the ring but not for every day wear. So recently he ordered me another ring. 

Smaller, less bulky and good for daily wearing. And of course inexpensive. 

I have been sick for several days. Only leaving the bed to throw up or soak my achey body in a hot bath.

The ring arrived to me being so shaky from the fever that I barely managed yo open it. I had forgotten about it and thought it was my daughter's birthday present arriving.

So I sent him a pic
And get a response that I can put it on right now! So I did, and I really do love it! 

The other really sweet thing he did this week, besides soup and crakers and dealing with kids…today on his lunch break he came to check on me. I am getting worn out from being this sick for this long. All I wanted was to snuggle up and sleep. So instead of lunch he spent his lunch break laying in our bed, arms wrapped around a very sick me, just holding me while I slept in his arms. 

That is the kind of stuff that means the most to me!